A 90-minute multimedia concert

Immersive electro-symphonic concert merging electronic beats, classic and pop with live musical performances and stunning visuals.

visual design, concept & directed

Staged at the Linz Mariendom Cathedral in Austria, Electric Church was a collaboration with projection artists  4youreye for a production by music producer and DJ Sergio Manuel Flores.

The immersive electro-symphonic multimedia concert merges electronic beats, classic and pop music with live performances by international artists and stunning visual projections and light shows.

The 90-minute live concert is told in eleven short stories about Archangel Gabriel and his critical view of today’s humanity. The individual pieces deal with topics such as courage, time, sin, anger and love.

not only a complete new approach to such spiritual topics, but also a special musical genre “Electrosymphonic”

– Composer DJ Flores

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90-minute multimedia concert